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Are we truly free?

From 12 to 14 October Rijeka will be host to Smoqua – the first festival of queer and feminist culture – organised by LORI with the support of Rijeka 2020 as part of the Kitchen flagship.

The general public will have the opportunity to get to know queer and feminist culture through art (exhibition, performances, drag show, feminist-activist choir concert, short film screenings), workshops and panel discussions, as well as info stands held by associations and initiatives that deal with women’s and LGBTIQ rights. Visitors will be able to learn about the history and meaning of queer and feminist culture, develop critical awareness of them, and explore their cultural, social and psychosocial contexts.

The main theme of the first edition of this festival is freedom, with the main question being – Are we truly free? The concept of the festival is contemplating freedom in relation to multiple oppressions – social, cultural, institutional, individual. The programme focuses of analysing if we are free as individuals to live our own identities, to develop, improve and deconstruct them.

The Smoqua Festival stems from the long-term activism of “LORI” – Lesbian organisation of Rijeka, who focused their efforts on the rights of sexual and gender minorities, and one of their goals is to develop queer and feminist culture. Others are also involved in the programme – associations, cultural institutions, and notable local and regional people in the field of queer and feminist culture.

The festival programme can be found on the LORI association website.