It was seventy years ago today that the National Theatre in Rijeka was declared, encompassing Croatian and Italian Drama, Opera and Ballet. The decision on its foudnation was made by the authorised committees of the government of the day, and a temporary board of directors was appointed by the same decision, headed by theatre manager Đuro Rošić, PhD, Opera manager Slavko Zlatić, Croatian Drama manager Ivan Cunt, Italian Drama manager Tullio Fonda and board member Osvaldo Ramous, with the primary aim of shaping the artistic, technical and staff-related features of the future theatre.

Several months later, in late May, the first permanent board of directors was appointed, comprising:  Dr Đuro Rošić, theatre manager; Ferdinand Pomykalo, head secretary;  Riccardo Moresco, deputy theatre manager;  Boris Papandopulo, Opera manager; Marko Fotez, PhD, Croatian Drama manager;  Tullio Fonda, Italian Drama manager; Josip Pomykalo, Opera secretary; Osvaldo Ramous, Italian Drama secretary.

You can read more about the history of what is today the Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc here. After its 130th anniversary in 2015, the theatre wishes to improve its visual identity,

The initiative ˝Let’s Renovate the Rijeka Theatre!˝ (˝Obnovimo riječko kazalište!˝) was set into motion, inviting individuals and companies to join in on the renovation of the theatre: ˝The need for renovating our Theatre has surely become obvious to all. The shabby appearance of the theatre leaves one with the impression that we do not care about the largest and most important cultural institution in our city. Our audiences are more and more frequently telling us that they found a particular show or concert fantastic, but that the appearance of the Theatre needs some doing up˝ – says the invitation.

The renovation of the theatre is planned to be executed in several phases, and the first phase plans to renovate the ground floor seats and to replace the rugs at the entrance of the theatre, the carpeting on the stairs and the carpets on the ground floor and the first floor.

As the initiative ˝Let’s Give the Bookmobile a Push˝ (˝Pogurajmo bibliobus˝) has recently shown that crowdfunding can be a successful means of fundraising, the Croatian National Theatre has decided to avail of the same method.

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