ECOC is a project whose size and importance overshadows all previous cultural projects in the city. Such an intense endeavour can only be carried out by the entire city, down to each artist, citizen, neighbourhood, team, entrepreneur, company. Everyone.
To better understand the way we are going , we need to talk as much as possible and be as direct as possible. We want to hear your expectations and we want to tell you all about our plans. There is no better way than directly, face to face, so we call everyone to visit us every week near Mali Salon on Korzo, as well as occasionally on larger events around town.
Until we see each other, here is the greatest question – How will we get to 2020? In phases.

Agents in Culture

How can I participate? Here are the answers for two important groups of partners

ECOC is a unique opportunity to develop all aspects of the culture scene. The programme primarily entails investing in all cultural institutions, cultural associations and people who work in culture in the city. Our hope is that all of them will exponentially grow, both in terms of programmes and human resources.

When selecting programmes, we will take the custodian approach, but we also plan to include participative decision-making.

We will contact you

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Partnerships with ECOC are classified in accordance with the following table:

Lead partners

The City of Rijeka, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County

Establish a partnership with ECOC

Contact us directly at, or submit your e-mail address and we will inform you about upcoming road-shows.