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UserRijeka City Museum

Surface:  1,893 m2 (open space), 3,672 m2 (closed space)

Current status:
- Repurposing of the ship in to a museum-ship conceptual design prepared
- Permanent exhibition conceptual design prepared
- Detailed design plan for the repurposing contracted

Further activities:
- Requisition (permanent exhibition detailed design, contractors, equipment)
- Construction and equipment process
- Certificate of Occupancy
- Leasing

Cost in EURCity of Rijeka: 988,205 / Structural and Investment Funds: 4,379,914
Financial sourceCity of Rijeka, Structural and Investment Funds

Thanks to the recently completed process of acquiring resources from European funds, Rijeka expects Galeb to become one of the leading tourist attractions in 2020 and beyond. Galeb silently witnessed official political meetings, as well as the unofficial ones, and will now speak up about the international influence of our former country. The huge amount of world leaders and stars who once found their way to the ship will reappear symbolically, in the form of a permanent museum exhibition accompanied by hospitality facilities. The ship’s future location, moored to the Rijeka breakwater, guarantees that this monument afloat will be a regularly visited destination, as well as a home for a host of programming events of the European Capital of Culture.