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Map of Cultural Ports

Turning Rijeka into a crossroads of European culture


The European dimension is at the heart of an European Capital of Culture’s programme. The Rijeka 2020 Cultural Programme, extending from 2016 to 2021, is a map of “cultural ports” leading to Rijeka, extending into Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. It is an invitation with multiple choices.

We identify three common and essential challenges in the European landscape, already in our primary Clusters: Work, Water and Migrations. Our entire Cultural Programme is defined by these commonalities and our hungry search for encounters that enrich the local/regional context.

We have made firm agreements with cultural and learning institutions, with citizen initiatives from cities and neighbourhoods in other European countries. These transnational exchanges re-ignite our capacity to imagine and implement serious programmes of cultural inclusion. We have hand-picked our relations with European networks and organisations. We have concretised what input we need and what exchange can take place. We turn Rijeka into a crossroads of European cultural partnershipping, with defined objectives.

Rijeka has the capacity, the space and the hungry audience to support high artistic encounters with contemporary masters.