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APPLY! – a public invitation to participate in a continuing education programme on the subject of audience development

The Classroom (Učionica) Programme opens a public invitation to participate in a continuing education programme on audience development titled “Applause please!”.


The aim of the audience development programme is the development of strategic competencies by cultural operators, as well as the promotion of a new understanding of audience development as a recognised problem and challenge for the city of Rijeka. Along with individual activities and organisations, the programme will impact the improvement and cooperation between cultural organisations on the basis of shared goals and shared experiences. The purpose is to improve and stimulate sectoral and cross-sectoral cooperation and the development of strategic partnerships. The programme’s aim is to create a group of passionate advocates of change who will jointly influence the development of participation in culture and thereby strengthen the legacy of the European Capital of Culture after 2020.

Who is it for?

The programme is intended for 15 cultural organisations (cultural institutions, non-governmental organisations) from Croatia (mostly from the Primorsko-goranska county) who are in need of such education. The selected participants will be closely linked to the senior management of the organisation since they should be able to influence the design of their organisation’s policy of audience development. Participants must be acquainted with the work of the cultural organisation they work for (its artistic goals, finances, staff structure…) and its relationship with the environment (community position and potential for development, partnerships and circumstances for co-operation, competition, etc.). Requirements include at least two years of work experience in a cultural organisation and knowledge of English, as the programme will be held in English.

What is included?

The course is structured in eight modules lasting three to four business days each. The programme includes theoretical lectures, practical workshops and mentoring aimed at assisting participants in implementing audience development plans at all stages. All organisations participating in the programme will be paired with a mentor (individual work or one per organisation) during the entire duration of the programme.

The programme aims to create 15 stimulators of change that will be able to plan and implement audience development strategies within their organisations and encourage the development of a network of local professionals for mutual support and development of joint programmes.


The programme courses will be taught by professionals with expertise in the field of audience development – coaches, mentors and expert groups. They are professionals with specialist knowledge in technical fields (e.g. education, digital analysis, participatory processes, audience development planning, strategic development, etc.) that will be used when there is a need for them during the audience development planning process.

Mentors and trainers for this programme are: Paul Bogen, Agatha Etmanowicz, Alessandra Gariboldi, Jonathan Goodacre, Darko Lukić, Cristina Da Milano, Niels Righolt and Dea Vidović.


All participants must be available for participation in the intensive education period between 24 April 2018 and 30 August 2019.



Module 1
8 – 10 May 2018


Module 2
5 – 7 June 2018


Module 3
29 – 31 August 2018


Module 4
23 – 26 October 2018


Module 5
3 – 5 December 2018


Module 6
18 – 21 February 2019


Module 7
8 – 10 April 2019


Module 8
21 – 24 May 2019



Mentoring in Rijeka:

23 – 25 April 2018 and 3 – 4 May 2018

18 – 20 September 2018 and 25 – 26 September 2018

19 – 21 March 2019

28 – 30 August 2019

Other mentoring to be held in consultation with the mentors (online).


Two participants will be selected to participate in a one-week EU working practice in October/November 2018.


Please note that the questions are detailed and that you will need some time to collect all the information you need about your organisation.

To help you prepare for the filling out of the online application form, we have prepared a sample PDF application form for you to download HERE.


The application deadline is 6 April 2018

If you are interested in participating in the programme, please fill out the online application form.

 Selected participants will receive confirmation of their participation by 13 April 2018.