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Nov 30th 2019
News, RiHub, Sweet&Salt

A Panel Discussion, Culinary Workshop and an Open Exhibition Held as Part of a Collaboration between the ECoC and the Danish Embassy in Croatia

By: Rijeka 2020

The European Capital of Culture and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in Croatia organised a lecture, exhibition and culinary workshop during this week. All these events took place as part of the collaboration between the city of Aarhus...

Nov 20th 2019
News, RiHub

Interview with Ignacio Nieto Carvajal & Miguel Piñas Rodríguez, a long-time micropreneurs and digital nomads

By: Rijeka 2020

Ignacio and Miguel are a long-time micropreneurs and digital nomads, working and traveling around the world. For the last few weeks they have been working from RiHub coworking space.

Oct 14th 2019
News, RiHub

A Conference on Healthier Food and Sustainable Food Systems

By: Rijeka 2020

Under the European Capital of Culture project, Rijeka hosted an interesting two-day conference on the sustainability of the food system.

Sep 25th 2019
Classroom, Conferences, Green Wave, News, RiHub

The first anniversary of RiHub marked with a presentation of the Rijeka 2020 educational and participatory programmes

By: Rijeka 2020

In the past year, 9500 volunteers have participated in activities pertaining to RiHub, with more than 200 public events taking place at its premises!

Sep 11th 2019
Civil Initiatives, Green Wave, News, RiHub

Citizens’ Council selects new Civil Initiatives and Green Wave projects for implementation as part of Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture!

By: Rijeka 2020

Rijeka 2020 - European Capital of Culture's second annual Participate campaign concluded with the selection of Civil Initiative and Green Wave projects that will be implemented in 2020. As with the first Participate campaign, the projects w...

Sep 10th 2019
Diversity Mixer, Kitchen of Diversity, News, RiHub

Free applications for the international Diversity Mixer conference

By: Nela Simić

Applications for the Diversity Mixer, an international conference on diversity in culture and the creative industries, which will be held from 12 to 14 September at Rijeka's RiHub, Grahovčeva 1, are free of charge. About 30 domestic and in...

Sep 3rd 2019
Conferences, Diversity Mixer, Kitchen of Diversity, News, RiHub

International Conference on Diversity in Culture and the Creative Industries

By: Rijeka 2020

The central theme of the conference, diversity in culture and the creative industries, will offer an understanding of “diversity” as an essential ingredient of quality assurance in culture and the creative industries. At the same time, ...

Aug 30th 2019
Conferences, Diversity Mixer, Kitchen of Diversity, News, RiHub

Guardian columnist to attend the Diversity Mixer event

By: Rijeka 2020

From September 12-14, Rijeka’s RiHub, Grahovčeva 1, will host the International Conference on Diversity in Culture and the Creative Industries, with the participation of about 30 domestic and international cultural and creative practitio...

Aug 23rd 2019
Kitchen of Diversity, News, RiHub

“MAKE A MOVE” is coming to Rijeka

By: Rijeka 2020

During the Rijeka Lab, artists will develop ideas into works of art that local audiences will be able to view on Tuesday, 17th September 2019 in the form of an work in progress presentation at the following locations: shop windows of Vartek...

Aug 14th 2019
Classroom, News, RiHub

The IETM – A Plenary Session of the International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts

By: Rijeka 2020

The IETM, one of the largest global umbrella performing arts organisations, with over 450 member organisations in more than 50 countries, will hold its plenary session this year in Rijeka (Croatia) from 24 to 27 October 2019, as part of the...

Jul 29th 2019
News, RiHub

PartneRi Business Club Association will finance six projects

By: Rijeka 2020

At the meeting on Thursday, July 18, in the premises of RiHub, the Assembly of PartnerRi Business Club association unanimously selected six projects that are currently being implemented in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County in the fields of c...

Jun 17th 2019
Civil Initiatives, News, RiHub

11 Civil Initiative projects rolled out, you can also propose your own!

By: Smiljana Radović Lagator -

In order to encourage citizens to come up with a project that would enhance the city with social-cultural and art campaigns, for which they would receive financial support, an Info Day was held at RiHub as part of the Participate! campaign....