Watch out for the brick

Jun 3rd 2016
Even though it may seem that we have slowed down (or stopped working altogether) after the initial euphoria and enthusiasm, the Rijeka 2020 project is moving on quietly and steadfastly.

Hey, dude, wanna buy a brick?

May 25th 2016
Croatia will take part in the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale, scheduled for opening on Friday, 27th May, with a project entitled “we need it – we do it”, created by a team of architects and cultural workers comprising Dinko Pera?i?

Rijeka – European Capital of Culture 2020

Mar 25th 2016
At 05:15 p.m on Thursday, 14 March 2016, at the media conference held in Mimara Museum, Steve Green, the president of the Commission of independent experts for the election of the Croatian European Capital of Culture for 2020, announced the Commission’s decision to award the title of European Capital of Culture to Rijeka.