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Danish artists, experts and chefs arrive in Rijeka

An exhibition, panel discussion and culinary workshop will be held in Rijeka as a result of the collaboration between Rijeka and Aarhus, the soon-to-be and former Capital of Culture, respectively.

Next week, the European Capital of Culture and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in Croatia will organise a lecture, exhibition and culinary workshop, as part of the collaboration between the city of Aarhus, Denmark, and Rijeka, the former and future European Capitals of Culture.

The programme will begin with a panel discussion, entitled Retox: the Sustainable Design of Port Cities, which will take place on Thursday, 28 November at 5 p.m. at RiHub (Ivana Grohovca 1) and will centre on Rijeka and the Danish city of Aarhus as port cities and European Capitals of Culture. The panel discussion will feature Bente Lykke Sørensen and Gorana Stipeč Brlić, who will share their know-how and expertise pertaining to the design of sustainable port cities.

It should be noted that Bente Lykke Sørensen is the Director of Urban Development Planning and Affordable Housing in the City of Aarhus, the European Capital of Culture in 2017. At this year’s Retox, she will give a keynote speech on the sustainable development of modern cities and provide examples of good practice from Denmark.
Gorana Stipeč Brlić holds a professional degree in Architecture from the University of Ljubljana but resides in Rijeka. She is President of the Rijeka Architects’ Association and the facilitator of the Rijeka Architects’ Association’s Youth Section.

The panel discussion will be held in English, with free admission.

The panel is part of the Retox programme of the European Capital of Culture that addresses topics regarding good civil and environmental practices, such as socially-sensitive, inclusive, progressive, innovative and practical initiatives and campaigns through discussion. The Retox discussions at RiHub provide the citizens with a platform for networking and acquiring the practical and theoretical knowledge required for civil and environmental activism, with carefully selected mentors from Croatia and abroad.

The workshop held by the Danish chef Simon Clemens, in cooperation with Placa 51 and KuHarmonija,is scheduled for the following day on Friday, 29 November at 2 p.m.This is a masterclass in making sourdough bread, entitled Sour Bread – the Pinnacle of Organic Food, which will be held at Kuharmonija (Verdijeva 11) and Placa 51 (Riva Boduli 3a, Rijeka). The masterclass is organised by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in Croatia in cooperation with Placa 51, Kuharmonija and Simon Clemens.

Attendees will try their hand at baking various types of sourdough bread and find out what they taste like and how to combine them with traditional Croatian and Danish recipes. The masterclass, which will also be held in English, is already full.

Following the panel discussion, on Friday, 29 November, at 7 p.m., an exhibition entitled The Process – United in Diversity Rijeka HR/Århus DK will open at Delta 5 (ex-Ivex) at the recently opened Deltalab 001 exhibition area in the building where the programme of the European Capital of Culture is created.

This is an exhibition of works by contemporary visual artists from Aarhus and Rijeka. Different generations of artists, such as Else Ploug Isaksen, Bodil Sohn and Kim Grønborg from Aarhus, along with Petra Mrša, Dalibor Laginja and Igor Eškinja from Rijeka, who work with different media and explore different regions of the imagination, will be displaying their artwork. They all share one common thread that runs through this very situation and this very exhibition – the issue of mankind’s relationship with nature and the environment.

Damir Halilić Hal, a musician from Rijeka, will join the exhibition opening and perform original music inspired by traditional Viking songs. Sourdough bread made at the aforementioned masterclass workshop Sour Bread – the Pinnacle of Organic Food, combined with traditional Croatian and Danish flavours, will be served at the exhibition.