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ic-date-accent 18/7 - 31/12
ic-date-accent 23/7 - 31/12
Children’s House, Sweet & Salt

Balthazar’s Uragan Boat – Benussi & the Fish – Dorja Benussi (HR) and Ivan Benussi (RS)

We’re turning the old boat Uragan into a children’s playground with a view of Balthazartown!

ic-date-accent 24/10 - 23/1
Children’s House

Exhibition 51000 Balthazar Town

Professor Balthazar, an animated genius who has touched the hearts of millions of children, has a special connection with Rijeka. It was the appearance and atmosphere of this city that served as the inspiration for Balthazar Town, where the good professor lives and comes up with his inventions. This is what makes Rijeka the perfect…

ic-date-accent 31/10 - 14/11
Children’s House

Oh la la – Mateja Bizjak Petit (FR/SI)

A show for the youngest audience Oh la la is theatre from a trunk: a game of words, colour and rhythm.