The conference will answer the question of what architectural education, the production of knowledge, the study of potential collaborations and the methods of transversal pedagogy within architectural education look like.


The programme of Académie Experimental as the final act in the series Publishing-action I-II-III refers to the workshops of experimental publishing held in Pula (2017), Šibenik (2018) and Rijeka (2019).The conference is focussed on the further research of architectural education and the production of knowledge, and it will be realised through the conference, an exhibition and a publication.

The conference serves as an experiment by investigating the possibilities and methods of transversal pedagogy within architectural education. The symposium’s participants, including architectural protagonists and scientists from around the world, as well as local actors, will present their work to the wider public.

The exhibition will bring together a set of publishing productions which speak of the narratives of the open sociopolitical imaginations of Croatian towns on the coast and convey their past, present and future. It will include papers by participants of the Future Architecture platform from the series Publishing-action I-II III, as well as a curated selection of international art on the theme of radical pedagogy.

The publication produced after the conference, in collaboration with the publishing house dpr-barcelona, will serve as a critical review of the prevailing processes, methods and settings for the production of architectural knowledge within architectural publishing.