The programme opens with Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator on Friday, 30 October at 7 p.m.

Rijeka will have a new open-air cinema venue for this new edition of the Autokino programme. The only unrefurbished building on the Rijeka University campus, which was once used by the military and has been dubbed Tenk (“Tank”) by Rijeka natives, will become Kinotenk – a new Autokino venue with a newly constructed screening area.

A bold send-up of Adolf Hitler, Europe’s greatest 20th century dictator, by the greatest (silent) film comedian tells the story of mistaken identity between the physically identical protagonists (both played by Chaplin) – an unscrupulous dictator and a Jewish barber. This brazen blend of politics, tragedy, comedy and romance culminates in one of the most memorable moments in cinematic history: the gravely serious speech given by the comedic hero in a passionate plea for tolerance in the world. Nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Film, The Great Dictator is not only one of the most impressive anti-war satires and comedies ever, but also a must-see film and a classic example of filmmaking in general.