Lungomare Art Baška

A charismatic place where outstanding anonymous works of old architecture (sheepfolds – mrgari) come to life with a contemporary artistic intervention.

The wind and sun have shaped the nature and life on the high and rounded ridges above Baška for centuries. In order to some extent tame this wild environment people have built a sophisticated system of seemingly endless walls and fences which limit the movement of flocks and protect the cultivated plants from the harsh weather conditions.

Just above Baška and its magical Vela beach there is the place known as Ljubimer from where there stretches a magnificent view over the sea straight to the island of Prvić and the mountains of Velebit. Ljubimer is one of the characteristic stone structures of this area which are called “mrgari.” It is a primitive, however, at the same time, sophisticated system of walls which is reminiscent of megalithic monuments. These mrgari are sheepfolds used for the collecting of sheep, which are otherwise free to roam, in order to be sorted according to their owners.

The Chilean architect of Croatian origin Smiljan Radić and his partner Marcela Correa, a Chilean sculptor, are creating a unique artistic project for this charismatic place. The author of prestigious international status describes its future character like this: “Sometimes you will find anonymous works in unexpected places. They are primitive, a scrap of a dismissed memory… Like the long drystone wall in Baška. In this case, the reality and shaping of an artistic project are secondary, but it includes our journey into the discovery of old and new structures. We consider it as an anonymous work purposefully left on the hill, and after that, the decisions are about sensitivity: of material and size.”

Photo: Kristijan Vučković