The second day of the visiting Motovun programme offers the French-Belgian drama film Working Girls, which follows three sex workers who commute from France to Belgium every day.

Axelle, Dominique and Conso share a secret. These French ladies lead a double life. Every morning, they meet in the parking lot in front of their building and leave for Belgium, crossing the border. There, in a brothel, they become Athena, Circe and Hera. These mothers, wives and regular women in search of purpose are actually sex workers – heroes of the never-ending battle for their families, survival and dignity.

Their intimate, relaxed moments are shown from their own perspectives, as they ridicule their clients in between working and solving their own problems. When one of them faces a danger, the three friends will join forces to deal with the threat.

In typical festival fashion, the feature film will be preceded by a short film, the French comedy Summer Fasting.

It is a sweltering summer day in the suburbs. Eleven-year-old Kader tries to observe Ramadan fasting for the first time. His best friend Rudy joins him in the adventure. As a non-Muslim, Rudy sees the whole thing as a new game. In order to make it through this rite of passage, the two boys will have to overcome hunger, thirst and boredom.