The thematic focus of the exhibition and talks is on the filmic works of the Fužine project, a multimedia collaboration between students of the Art & Science course at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and Rijeka 2020, European Capital of Culture.

How can people’s different world relationships be described, how do people behave today towards their outside world, their neighbors, their environment, nature, towards systems and what possible personal experiences of the self are actually there? Is there a culture beyond ritual and ritual? Questions in the form of artistic productions aim to trace the nature of our intersubjective cultural world: What kind of world do we live in today? Based on the visual and acoustic narratives of the films, the individual thematic strands and formal languages are related to one another and discussed under the coordinate system of the ritual.

With films by Maria Bacila/Mila Balzhieva/Paula Flores, Helen Emily Davy, Els van Houtert, Klara Krämer, Naoki Matsuyama, Jannis Neumann, Lindsey Nicholson, Alfredo Ledesma Quintana, Peter Reischl and Miloš Vučićević.

Links to the films:

IN A LANGUAGE WE DON`T UNDERSTAND: Maria Bacila/Mila Balzhieva/Paula Flores, 2020


KRIŽIĆ KRUŽIĆ: Els van Houtert, 2020

NOT BEING IN FUŽINE: Klara Krämer 2020

WATCHING A LIVE CSM FOR 24 HOURS: Naoki Matsuyama, 2020

TRUCKAPILLAR:COM: Jannis Neumann, 2020

HACK THE WORLD: Lindsey Nicholson, 2020