In a walk around Rab, the distant past becomes visible, tangible and imaginable, and the life of a Roman province a comparative reality. Who to contact when you find a fragment of a Roman mosaic in the garden and realise that the whole of the island is an archaeological site?!

Guided by the idea of an open-air museum, the island of Rab’s neighbourhood, in collaboration with the Institute of Archaeology and the Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka and Heritage Malta – National Museum of Archaeology of Malta, as a European partner, systemises and valorises the archaeological heritage of the island, creating the preconditions for the educational activities and development of tourism with an emphasis on cultural heritage. By presenting archaeological sites in situ and connecting them with three walking and cycling trails, it is endeavouring to connect cultural heritage, education, recreation and sport and to promote the benefits of a trip into nature and the spending of free time actively.

The grand opening and presentation of the open-air archaeological museum is marked by the Rab Archaeological (T)races 2020 race when hundreds of runners and walkers from Croatia and around the world, nature lovers and fans of discovering ancient history, go around the archaeological trails of the island of Rab.

The programme is being implemented with the help and support of the Town of Rab, the Municipality of Lopar, Lopar Tourist Board, and other institutions, associations and individuals.