Re-Start Experience is an interactive mixed media art exhibition promoting environmental sustainability and active local engagement. It will be hosted by Galerija SKC from 26.10 – 13.11.2020.

In a series of spaces inspired by the notions of Home – Supermarket – Forest – Sea the works of several Croatian artists explore current environmental issues, raising questions about waste and consumption and the ways in which individual habits can influence environmental well-being.

Starting from the concept of the 3R’s: Reduce – Reuse – Recycle, the exhibition showcases artworks and installations that serve to inspire, offer alternative and creative uses of waste material while continuing the necessary conversation on Sustainability.

During the first week, the audience is invited to witness the creative process of the artists, during which time the gallery will turn into an open atelier. Beginning with the introduction of the artistic concepts and the raw materials, the fluid intervention will culminate in a final display of the artworks. The vernissage of the developed artworks, installations and performances will take place from 31.10 onwards. In addition, Re-Start Experience challenges its audience to participate in an interactive educational activity.

The visitors are confronted with different riddles that focus on the 7 types of plastic, which they need to solve by exploring the exhibition. The learning quest ends with the possibility for them to become co-authors of a participatory installation. The aim is to reflect on our daily consumer behaviour and to increase the learning retention on the topic of Sustainability.

Artists: Ivana Barić, Lea Čepić, Josip Knežević, Ana Maria Maravić, Lucija Marin, Nicol Načinović, Anna Orbanić, Sara Orbanić, Goran Pavić and Veronika Šindilj.