The sea is the reason that young people are staying in the neighbourhood of Malinska. Salty Culture is all about salt, the seasoning without which everything is tasteless, and about the sea as a great love and the spice of life.

The Malinska neighbourhood team is one of the youngest teams in the 27 Neighbourhoods flagship gathered together in the Termen Association. Just as the title of the association translated from the island dialect means cyclamen, their work means a positive change, bringing in the fresh atmosphere of the young generation of adults that have grown up on the island.

The programme is divided into sounds, scents and colours. The sounds are spread by Jazz on Jaz. The scents are spread via Salty Lungs, where local people and guests plant new trees and learn about nature in nature. The colours are spread through Creative Growth, an event and exhibition that includes all ages. Malinska and Bilbao, Termen and Ubiqa (ES) have begun a friendship, some of them producing a programme, others providing the tools with which to make it internationally visible.

Living Room
Salty Lungs
Time: 10 am – 12 pm
Venue:  Paradise Road, Haludovo b.b., Beach Bar Paradajz

Awareness of the environment and the surroundings is an integral part of the culture of living that the Malinska neighbourhood is trying to initiate. So far, the members of the initiative have created a tradition of reforestation and beautification of public green spaces – fostered over the past five years – and have held environmental workshops for school and nursery children. The environmental workshops will reach a high point on the morning of 21 October, when the children will plant trees on the Paradise Road, as part of the presentation of the Malinska Neighbourhood. At the same time, the permanent exhibitions of Kristijan Linardić’s open-air ECO gallery Paradise Road will open to the public.

Workshop – nursery and school children planting trees on the Paradise Road and presentation of activities undertaken by the Tremen Association. The workshops will be facilitated by Iva Labaš and Toni Kraljić from Malinska, both of whom have masters degrees in Forestry Engineering and several years of experience in forestry education and working with children.

Breakfast by the sea.


Time: 1 pm – 1:30 pm
Venue: St Nicholas’ Gallery, 10 Obala Street, Malinska; Riva

1 pm – Opening ceremony – Protocol and handover of the time capsule from the Opatija Neighbourhood – the programme will be opened by representatives of the Termen Association, Malinska Municipality, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, the City of Rijeka and Rijeka 2020,

Presentation of the European Neighbourhood – Ubiqua, Bilbao, Spain

Creative Growth – exhibitions and walk
Time: 1:30 pm – 3 pm
Venues: Malinska town centre – St Nicholas’ Gallery, Cephalopod Park, Riva, Main Square, Municipality Grand Hall
Curator and host: Bruna Justinić, art historian and curator of the programme’s exhibitions

As part of the Malinska Neighbourhood programme, artwork will be displayed that provides insight into the fine arts as a long-lasting mark of culture and asks passers-by what mark they will leave on those who will come after them. It connects the works of local artists who left us a long time ago with artists still creating art. This event is an open-air exhibition of contemporary fine art by acclaimed artists. This event also provides direct insight into the creative output of the artists who will be creating art throughout Malinska. It is a platform for promoting young artists and bringing together artists of all makes and models. Exhibitions by local artists will open to the public as part of the Creative Growth programme.

St Nicholas’ Gallery – exhibition opening, artist: Ivan Orlić – artistic and practical woodcuts
Cephalopod Park – exhibition opening, artist: Ivan Car
Riva – exhibition opening, artist: Kristijan Linardić
Malinska town centre – mural unveiling, artists: Nikolina Šeremet, Ivan Car

Jazz on Jaz
Time: 1:30 pm – 3 pm
Venue: Malinska town centre / “preslica” (mooring site) in the middle of the harbour

During the programme, the Zoran Majstorović Trio and sopci (long flute players from Krk) will perform jazz renditions of traditional local songs of Dubašnica on the “preslica” in the middle of the harbour, as well as original interpretations of traditional jazz standards.

The “jaz” (laundry site) and the “preslica” (mooring site) in the centre of Malinska have great historical and cultural value: they are places where water meets the sea, a place where housewives used to wash clothes, and they are still a social hub in Malinska. The jazz evenings will be held in order to provide a creative atmosphere and showcase the gorgeous scenery of the destination and location to the musicians and to provide additional content to all visitors, as well as to use art to introduce them to jazz music, a fundamental musical genre that is often considered abstract. In other words, to offer a platform for channelling art with the aim of raising awareness of art and world music among the local populace, as well as providing additional cultural events to locals and guests.

Reception with servings of food grown in the Malinska Municipality
Time: 3 pm – 5 pm
Venue: Noštromo Restaurant, 20 Lino Bolmarčić Street, Malinska

Note: In the event of adverse weather, the tree planting and “opening” of the Paradise Road will be held at another time, which the Organisers will announce on the day. The exhibition programme and walks will be adapted to indoor covered areas.


The neighbourhood programme is helmed by one of the youngest teams in the 27 Neighbourhoods flagship that are gathered together in the Termen Association. Just as the title of the association translated from the island dialect means cyclamen, their work means a positive change, bringing in the fresh atmosphere and the strength of originality of the young generation of adults that have grown up on the island.

“Salty Culture” encompasses the concept of seaside life, which is characterised by tranquillity and environmental protection, a healthy diet, music and art. The culture of island life is seasoned with salt and the sea, and it was the sea and island life that inspired the members of the Termen Association to present traditional events seasoned with new interdisciplinary cultural practices, as part of the programme in Malinska.

Organising jazz or folk music concerts creates an urban atmosphere, which is scarce in the municipality, and breaks the monotony caused by the oversaturation of popular music and similar noise. Through environmental campaigns of planting trees and beautifying public spaces, the locals and guests will always be connected to Malinska as a location and area, while at the same time raising awareness of nature and plants among the campaign participants and creating new value in the public spaces of the municipality.