Seize the Film is an international short film (up to 30 minutes) festival that takes place in 4 countries. This project is made possible by the associations Spirit from Rijeka and Parnas from Novi Sad, as well as the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, which has provided support for the past several years.

The films’ themes deal with disability by casting people with specific disabilities or are made by persons with disabilities, yet the disability itself is not at the forefront and is shown as a factor that has been overcome.

The content of the films participating in the Seize the Film festival contributes to improving understanding and the quality of life in general, not just within the context of disability, since people usually avoid or turn their backs on unfamiliar situations with which they don’t know how to cope. A variety of messages about human values are conveyed by analysing the themes, beginning with contemplating the differences between people and the needs of people with disabilities, which in turn allows them to better integrate into society. Also, as the films’ authors and cast are people with disabilities, the festival encourages and inspires other people with disabilities to take part in such creative endeavours or to pursue other creative activities in order to lead more pleasant and better lives.