The city neighbourhood of Škurinje was mostly built at the end of the 1970s and at the beginning of the 1980s, however, the people of Rijeka still call it the “new settlement.” A neighbourhood like Škurinje is free of the tension of the centre, although in recent years it has become a synonym for consumerism which is not a completely satisfying condition. Many experts consider that the transformation of a neighbourhood is conditioned by those who live in it because the space and inhabitants are mutually connected.

The programme Škurinje – Culture with a View in the context of the unfinished urbanisation and specific micro-locations of the city of Rijeka also explores and documents the history and the future of the settlement. The programme includes the creative and artistic activation of the neighbourhood, the forming of a more engaged and stronger community, the reminiscence of history and a view of the future, the creation of a green library of knowledge and inspiration with the focus on urbanism, the holding of an educational programme about urban green themes, do-it-yourself culture and the creation of neighbourhood pockets for culture and arts. The Green Library collects books of green themes and creates places for exchange, also included in this are lectures, the exchange of seedlings plus green guerrilla interventions. And it doesn’t stop there, it continues in various artistic actions, the creation of a neighbourhood fanzine and the production of urban furniture which the inhabitants of the neighbourhood make themselves. The metaphor under which the activities take place is the Škurinje cultural centre – it doesn’t physically exist as expensive infrastructure, but it can develop with the dedication of each individual at any point of the settlement – in the park, on steps, at a doorway…. With a good view.

In order to strengthen and deepen the activist neighbourhood experiences, the inhabitants are expanding collaboration with the European neighbourhood of Kaunas 2022 and experts for the activation of the social community have already been sought.