A festival which represents the best young European authors of contemporary dance.

Spring Forward is a festival of contemporary dance which presents the best young dance artists from all over Europe. Twenty performances from Europe and one from Korea come to Rijeka.

The festival also brings with it more than 200 producers and experts in contemporary dance from around the world. Spring Forward is the project of the European Aerowaves network which over the last 23 years has been offering the possibilities of cross-border dance cooperation.

The performers are: Panflutes and Paperwork – Ingrid Berger Myhre and Lasse Passage (NO, NL), PLI – Viktor Černický/PLI (CZ), Postmodern Cool – Inés M. Belli (NO), Mechanics of Distance – Mate Meszaros (HU), Warrior – Anne-Mareike Hess (LU/DE), Bouncing Narratives – Roza Moshtaghi (NO), The Feline Project – Dagmar Dachauer (AU), GOLEM – Cie Abis / Julien Carlier (BE), Un/Dress moving painting – Masako Matsushita / Nanou Associazione Culturale (IT), Cheers – Kristin Ryg Helgebostad (NO), A white sustainable construction – Manuel Rodriguez (ES), The Angular Distance of a Celestial Body – Alessandro Carboni / Formati Sensibili (IT), Bir şey – Ekin Tunçeli (TR), Alshe/me – Linda Hayford (FR), Unauthorised – ZITA/ Iris Karayan (GR), Babae – C Joy Alpuerto Ritter (DE), Stand still you ever-moving spheres of heaven – Henrique Furtado & Chiara Taviani (PT/IT), BEAT I just wish to feel you – @CollectiveDope / Jenna Jalonen (BE), FLY! – Markéta Stránská (CZ), The Ephemeral life of an octopus – Léa Tirabasso (LU/UK) and A complementary set _Disappearing with an impact – Choi X Kang Project (KR).