Lungomare Art Brseč

An artistic intervention in the form of stone structure which becomes a gathering place in the small park next to the bocce court.

Brseč is a little town with a mediaeval core located on the cliff high above the sea from where there extends a magnificent view of the whole of the Rijeka bay. In 2018 the small local community had to accept that after more than 175 years of work the primary school in Brseč had to close due to the lack of children. The school building in the old heart of the town is now empty. The place that used to be the centre of social life and the children’s play has lost its meaning.

With this project Sofie Thorsen connects two locations – the currently abandoned primary school building and the small park next to the bocce court at the very entrance into the historic core of Brseč. In this park she is preparing stone structures on which she writes abstract texts and shapes which relate to local stories. These structures can also serve as for example a bench where the local people can relax and socialise. Apart from the educational function of the primary school building, with her work, Sofie Thorsen also recalls the famous Croatian literary figure Eugen Kumičić who was born in Brseč in 1850 and who often stayed here.

Photo: Geoarheo