Premiere performances of The Labour of Panic by the collaborative performance collective BADco. will take place at Grobničko polje on Friday and Sunday, July 10 and 12, 2020, starting at 20:30.

Admission to the performances is free. Please confirm your arrival at . With confirmation you will receive instructions for arrival.

The Labour of Panic is a happening set in the open space of Grobničko polje (Grobnik Valley). In this infrastructural space of large proportions, speeds, and charges, we find no point of entry because, even though one can vividly survey this place of contact between a natural environment and technological systems – power lines, an airport, a car racetrack, a motorway – it is an inversion of the humanly proportioned space in which we normally live, drive, and walk. Its identity is a not-there. Just like the identity of the everyday is this infrastructure of power lines, intersections, and networks that support it.

The Labour of Panic is a happening created in suspended time. A time with a quite certain endpoint and a rather uncertain beginning. However, to allow the everyday to be something else, to allow something to end and something new to begin, the infrastructural space itself must allow the possibility of change. That is the terrain where one outlines the contours and excavates the remains of that which cannot come to be and that which may yet occur.

The Labour of Panic is the final part of the trilogy that began with the performance titled Iskop (The Foundation Pit), staged in 2018 at the house of the architect Vjenceslav Richter and continued with rePublika u orkestru (rePublic in the Orchestra Pit), premièred in October 2019 at Ivan pl. Zajc Croatian National Theatre in Rijeka. The trilogy thematises the relations between work, utopia, and confrontation with impossibilities amid the threat of climate catastrophe.