We’re inviting you to a get-together once again and this time we’re paying tribute to Vodovodna Street. This hidden jewel of the city is full of surprises and the Hartera neighbourhood council will reveal some of them on Sunday, 2 August, from 5 p.m. onwards.

During the day:
– we’re inviting you to join the clean-up drive
– we’re unveiling the “pocket park” by the Rječina River
– we have exhibitions and a musical programme in store
– you can also take the “childhood tour”
– keep your hands busy at the street-art workshop
– have a drink at the “Skradin” Cafe Bar and meet the owner Damir, if you haven’t been acquainted yet
– this time, the Hartera neighbourhood council chit-chat will focus on the motorcycle ace Marijan Kosić, whose car repair shop is located right here on Vodovodna Street
– and after dark, you can go and see a movie at the Accidental Cinema!

To Hartera for Kvartera is a series of events aiming to showcase a few of the plethora of options for which the wider area of Hartera is perfectly suited. If none of these activities tickle your fancy, come to Vodovodna Street with an idea of your own.