The most sought after string quartet in Europe performs in Croatia for the very first time, bringing together a new and traditional classical music audience.

The Vision String Quartet consists of four young musicians: Jakob Encke (DE) on the violin, Daniel Stoll (DE) on the violin, Leonard Disselhorst (DE) on the cello and Sander Stuart (DE) on the viola.
Founded back in 2012 and headquartered in Berlin, this string quartet has already established itself as one of the best string quartets of its generation.
With a focus placed on the classical repertoire for string quartets, as well as their own compositions and arrangements of different genres, their concert is a unique opportunity to bring together and connect new and traditional classical music audiences.
From Franz Schubert and Ludwig van Beethoven to jazz, pop and rock arrangements, these four young artists perform equally well in all genres, and each concert is an exceptional artistic experience.
They are currently the most sought after string quartet in Europe, and the Rijeka concert is their first appearance in Croatia.