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Enver Krivac: “U Fordu” (Zebar)

Authorial Boras


The Zebar area was the inspiration for the story “U Fordu” (In the Ford) by: Enver Krivac


Zebar lies on the hill overlooking the lake of Tribalj, ripe with fascinating flora and fauna and also the area with the most significant Liburnija karst deposits of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar county.
Extreme environmental changes on these stretches of karst cliffs towering over Vinodol are a prerequisite for great biodiversity, but also biogeographical phenomena, since it is the meeting place of both Mediterranean and alpine plants and animals.
According to the Habitats Directive of the Council of Europe (NATURA 2000), this is the habitat for a great number of endangered plants.


Enver Krivac

Enver Krivac is a multimedia artist, born in Ravna Gora of Gorski Kotar in 1976. He has been living and working in Rijeka since 1994. He graduated in Croatian language and literature at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka in 1999.
So far, he published “Piknik” (“The Picnic”), a fragmented novel co-authored with Alen Kapidžić in 1999; “Smeće” (“Garbage”), novel co-authored with Alen Kapidžić and Mišo Novković in 2005; “Priče iz Ž+K!” (“Stories from Ž+K!”), a comic book, in 2007; “Ulica Helen Keller” (“Helen Keller Street”), a novel, in 2010; “Ništa za pisati kući o” (“Nothing To Write Home About”), a collection of stories in 2012; and “Let iznad orlovog gnijezda” (“Flight Over the Eagle’s Nest”) a comic book, in 2017. He won the national “Prozak” award in 2011 for the short story collection “Ništa za pisati kući o”. The book was also shortlisted for the European Prize for Literature (2015). He also won the local “Artefact” award for speculative fiction (2012) for the novel “Ulica Helen Keller”. He published his works in numerous journals and literary web portals.
He is one of the founders of the educational association Katapult in Rijeka. He has appeared multiple times at the Festival of the European Short Story and LitLink. He is a member of the informal literary group Ri-Lit. He has been collaborating with the Centre for Creative Writing since 2016 as the director of creative writing workshops in Rijeka. As a composer and performer, he collaborates with artistic organisations of Rijeka: Krila, PoMoDoRi and the Contemporary Dance Cabinet. He works as a producer and co-author in the long-lasting musical collective Japanski Premijeri. He is the author of many music videos for Japanski Premijeri and other artists, working under the pseudonym JPTV.

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