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Brick House complex Benčić

UserRijeka City Library , Art-kino, MMSU, Rijeka Puppet Theater, Youth Council Benčić, other users

Surface: 1,948 m2

Construction will end: June 2020

Cost in EUR9.244.853
Financial sourceCity of Rijeka, European Regional Development Fund (ITU mechanism)

Until the building itself is completed, the programme will be mobile and held at various locations around town and beyond. The period until 2020 will be filled with creative educations for children. The Brick House building, when completed, will become the centre of a massive festival of young creativity, whose pilot programme, Tobogan, was held in 2017 with partners including the Art-Kino, the City Puppet Theatre, the Rijeka City Library and the Benčić Youth Council.

The designer of the prospective Children’s House is the architect Saša Randić.