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Ex Bernardi


Surface: 1,025 m2

Cost in EUR501.639
Financial sourceCity of Rijeka

In September 2017work began on refurbishing the RiHub (ex-Bernardi) interior, located on the ground floor and basement level of the residential and commercial building at Ivana Grohovca 1a, Rijeka. The space used to accommodate a kindergarten that lost its initial function by the middle of the 20th century and has since been adapted for commercial uses, and is now the future home of RiHub.

The location is being redesigned into a new workspace, that will include offices and space for temporary and occasional work, as well as independent work and co-working.

Alongside the work space, there will also be social areas that can accommodate a large number of users and serve as a place to receive information, for educations, presentations and performances. RiHub will also include supporting facilities – a café and lounge area.

RiHuB is intended to be an open and active space, host of public programmes, chief among them the integrated system of empowering the community through civil initiatives, in order to achieve the greatest possible citizen involvement in planning, decision-making and supervision for programmes dedicated to improving life in the city. With that being the primary motivation, RiHub will regularly host authors or leaders of the most innovative and successful civil initiatives across Europe. They will encourage and provide concrete assistance to the citizens who choose to actively engage in looking for better solutions for improving life in the city.

Chief refurbishing architect is Ida Križaj Leko and the architect on the project is Ana Boljar.