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T-object complex Benčić

UserRijeka City Library

Surface: 4,530 m2

Construction will end: March 2021

Cost in EUR12.182.693
Financial sourceCity of Rijeka, European Regional Development Fund (ITU mechanism)

The new building of the Rijeka City Library will be the first object in Rijeka’s history to fully unify the functions and services of the Rijeka City Library Central Division. The T-Object of the Benčić complex will be home to the library’s fiction and non-fiction collections, a public reading room, archive, as well as its management, public relations and programming departments. The goal of the Rijeka City Library is to enable access to all literature for all citizens, to focus on encouraging reading and using all library services available. Modern libraries are focal points of education and each individual’s cultural quality of life, as well as the community in general, and Rijeka’s new library will fully live up to these standards. Modern libraries furthermore encourage the use of new technologies and significantly impact the availability of creative and high quality leisure activities for people of all ages. The T-Object will provide adequate area, interior design, and functional spatial design to meet the library’s needs, and thus become a public cultural service for everyone.

The designer of the prospective Rijeka City Library building is the architect Saša Randić.