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Lab for European Project Making in Timişoara: Creative Energy Everywhere

Last week 29 participants from host city Timişoara, Novi Sad and Rijeka participated in the first Lab for European Project Making with Cristina da Milano and Francois Matarasso as mentors/coaches.

The participants had the opportunity to work in four mixed groups formed to tackle topics that they want to develop in their cities: socially engaged practices in public spaces, youth empowerment, reflections on local memories, and international mobility and dialogue. Based on those topics, the groups created new joint projects which they will develop further at the upcoming LABs.

The next LAB will take place in May 2018 in Novi Sad, focusing on production, and the third and final LAB will begin at the end of June in Rijeka, covering the areas of programming and cultural policies.

The LAB participants from Rijeka are Davor Popdankovski (RiRock), Mia Mohorić (RIJEKA 2020 LLC), Ivana Kalc (Kabinet), Silvija Fendre (Festival Kvarner), Vesna Kurilić (Rijeka City Library), Ivana Peranić (KRILA Creative Laboratory for Contemporary Theatre), Andrea Laurić (KOI KOI Transmedia Centre) and Dominik Grdić (Student Cultural Centre Gallery).


Photo: Simona L. Neumann

Chris Torch