Jelenje is the place where the bura wind develops and where the Rječina emerges. How to live in the largest and most significant protected water area in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County?

With the Day the Dam Burst programme the neighbourhood of Jelenje invites the consideration of the theme of water management. The activities begin with an ecological action of the clearing of the riverbed of the Rječina and continue with the exhibitions of artists who were involved in the programme of the artistic Vitamin D residencies in the past and who were inspired by the vistas of the Grobnik Alps and the Rječina canyon. Those who stayed in Jelenje and whose works are presented are: Marc Rader (DE), Jasenka Bulj (HR) and Lala Rašćić (HR/BIH). The premises of the former reading room, where today various associations operate are used for the exhibitions. Along with the arts programme, scientists from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Rijeka join in the theme with Professor Lado Kranjčević (HR), who, with a simulation of the bursting of the dam, demonstrate the scenarios of the natural disaster of the flooding of the delta of the Rječina. The theme is also joined by Greek partners Global Water Partnership Mediterranean, based in Athens, who draw their knowledge from the community and traditional methods of gathering rainwater and it is presented by the project NCWR – Rainwater Harvesting.