With the words I’ll turn you into a laurel tree!, like a magic formula spoken to visitors, the neighbourhood of Lovran introduces us to a programme in which toponyms and anthroponyms, nature and community are thematically touched upon.

The natural elements of the sea and mountain on one hand and the communities framed by the historical heart on the other are combined in a cultural and artistic programme that focuses on the revitalising of the old town centre with artistic residential programmes – the Hosting of Artists. The programme From pond to pond is dedicated to the element of drinkable water and ponds – ancient places of the collection of mountain water, it revives the importance of the coexistence of nature and the community and the correlation of the sea and man who with his craft masters the burden of a seaman’s and fisherman’s life by building the unique Lovran boat known as a “guc.” The entire event is complemented by a regatta of traditional sailboats and a dance for all generations. Kinvara in Ireland is part of the Small Towns Big Ideas – Galway 2020 programme, where they got to know each other, became friends and began to exchange ideas and programmes.