Praputnjak as a cultural landscape of the Capital of Culture considers the community and its own identity by turning attention to what the people of Praputnjak inherit as an experience of the community. With a focus on the Takala vineyard – the first protected cultural landscape in the Republic of Croatia, it examines values and heritage, the cultural landscape and nature as the potential development of the local environment.

The Landscapes of the future programme consists of several elements with which we are endeavouring to turn attention to the key themes connected to the local cultural heritage (cultural landscape, nature, tradition and gastronomy) by looking at its potentials through a prism of the past, present and future.

Ča j’ zavičaj? (What is landscape?) is intended for pre-school children, schoolchildren and those who are interested in adventure, socialising and playing. Research workshops and the examining of the experiences of space are accompanied by an exhibition of photography of the Praputnjak region (from the photographs of the Ministry of Culture and the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb to those from National Geographic). Also unmissable are walks, guided tours of the landscape, as well as workshops about the building of drystone walls (gromača) and funereal resting stones (počivalo).

Pomalo i po kraju (Slowly through the area) is a story about the protected landscape and the community who created it. The story begins va Takalah (In Takala), leads through the karst basin – Dolčina and follows the route through the area to the destination – the Centre of Culture. On this walk, poetry and song are encountered, slowly building a mosaic of the life of one small littoral place.