Lousiana’s Secrets is a story about a road which has lost its purpose. History speaks about an important traffic route, the present about the loss of identity without perspective, and the future about the city that wants to keep its inhabitants.

Lousiana’s Secrets tells the story of several important segments of life in Delnice with various parts of an artistic programme. Via history – by which Delince inherits wealth and bears witness to the creation of an important traffic route, via the present – in which Delnice is missing from the cartography of important routes without the possibility of economic development and significance, and with the future that views culture as an asset and a new way of reflecting on living circumstances.

With a Cartography of wilderness views of the forest of Gorski Kotar are revealed, in Delnice the artistic collective Trafikand Kotar Teatar start the world premiere of the Lousiana Magic Tour inspired by road movies, and artists included in the European project Centriphery: Finnish artist Anna-Marie Karvonen and Croatian artist Matija Kezele explore Jagoda’s Love story, Pesniki (bell-ringers) and Delnice’s underground tunnels. From their Slovak neighbours Ružomberok from Žilina they exchange experiences about the coexistence with forests. The programme is carried out within the Centriphery project which is financed by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.