The Museum of Winter is a museum of stories and narration, and its exhibits become the peace and silence of Mrkopalj in the time of heavy snow when the fireplaces come alive and the household spirits appear. But it also worries that Mrkopalj is disappearing as the highland winters disappear!

The Museum of Winter begins with a programme of the narration of stories, the collecting of myths and legends, remembering the first forms of tourism and hosting travellers. The focus is placed on what Mrkopalj is known and recognised for, and that is the School of Peace which continues to work in the context of the international community through the Memorial of Peace and programmes which advocate the important themes of peace integrations and tolerance in society. Mrkopalj hosts neighbours from Cyprus from the Urban Gorillas collective in order to exchange experiences and ideas about healthy and socially inclusive environments. The Dutch collective Hoge Fronten and Croatian artist Tajči Čekada create in the artist’s residency. The programme is carried out within the Centriphery project which is financed by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.