Wind Celebration is a festival of flying kites made of recycled objects and a constant reminder of the coexistence of man with nature, the energy of the wind, its power and the possibilities of its use.

Insularity, isolation and an economy of self-sufficiency greatly influence the identity of islanders and the way in which they live their daily lives.

Wind Celebration is a celebration of community and a kite-flying festival. Summer brings Unije Emigrants’ Day which it enjoys and thinks up various activities so that nobody gets bored. The entertainment and sports programme, along with the folk festival, marks a day dedicated to fellow emigrants around the world. And just as the wind sometimes unexpectedly changes direction, perhaps the situation will change too on Unije on Immigrants’ Day. It shares its European problems and doubts with a potential future Capital of Culture Oulu 2026, and we know from experience that the Finns find their way to Unije with ease.