The encouragement of children’s creativity in Rijeka’s primary schools as centres of children’s filmmaking.

The Travelling Film Workshops project wants to encourage active participation in the creation of film content, the appreciation of the art of film and the encouragement of creative expression in children and youth. The workshops which are carried out during the school year in primary schools of the city of Rijeka place an emphasis on acquiring concrete knowledge about the development of screenplays, image and sound recording and about film editing so that students get an insight into all the production and post-production stages of making a film. Thereby the Art-Kino aims to encourage the creative expression of children and youth through the medium of film and strengthen film creativity in Rijeka’s primary schools by initiating film groups/clubs.

Along with running the workshops, it is also hoped that schools and students will surface who are interested in film creativity as a form of extracurricular activities.

At the end of February 2020, there is a dedicated presentation of children’s short films made in conjunction with the Travelling Film Workshops from 2017-2020 will be held in Art-Kino.