Interactive workshop for students about the former Rikard Benčić factory complex

The Story of Benčić is a two-hour interactive workshop for one class, and deals with the origin of the former Rikard Benčić factory complex and its future. It is a children-oriented programme within the Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture programme and related to the establishment of the first Children’s House in Croatia. The workshop employs carefully designed activities to provide children with a framework through which they can individually explore and discover bits and pieces of the history and future of the complex.

Besides focusing on interactive methods, the specificity of the workshop is that it is held on site – in the Benčić complex. This helps the students connect with the place, establish relationships and understand their own environment, which enables them to take an active role in their communities.       

The workshop can be held as a part of the curriculum of different compulsory or elective subjects, such as History, My Rijeka, Civic Education or Homeroom Class, and it is open to all schools in Rijeka and the surrounding area.