The performance The Children of the Port is a professionally led theatre performance based on the book Rijeka Rock Anthems by Zoran Žmirić. Performing in the show are children who have been rehearsing and co-creating the performance for a year under the expert guidance of mentor and author Denis Kirinčić.

With the Children of the Port show, a story is told of rebellion and growing up as well as the relationship of the youngest generation with the city in which they live in a certain moment of transition, according to the rock and punk songs from the mentioned book. The performance plays out on the Molo Longo breakwater promenade and develops over the entire length of it through individual dramaturgical and performed sections. The audience are led on a journey from the start of Molo Longo to the lighthouse at the end. Based on old Greek theatre, the Rijeka rock anthem Ajmo Rijeka (Let’s Go Rijeka) by Ri Val is used in place of a prologue at the entrance of Molo Longo, whilst the song by Metrobolik Kad noć padne na grad (When Night Falls on the City) is in place of an epilogue at the end of Molo Longo.

The aim of the performance created in the Malik theatre workshop is the permanent connection of the theatrical arts of the young, in a post-dramatic expression, with localities of Rijeka – the cult Rijeka hangouts of young rockers and by the projection of the encouragement of research and acting-musical-dance-performance activities. The performance is also an investigation of the recognisability of the identity of Rijeka as a city of youthful energy and rebellion, expressed by rock music during its development since the Second World War to the present day.

All the sequences of the performance are modulations of voices and screams and they produce a creatively organised noise which is complemented by various instruments made from chainsaws, as well as sounds of whistling sirens as alarms plus various rattles. Children and young people who are preparing in the Malik theatre workshop under the expert mentorship of Denis Kirinčić take part in the performance.