The World Congress of the Tourism Industry in Rijeka brings together between 500 and 700 participants, members of 400 clubs from 90 countries around the world at a regular annual meeting.

Skål International was founded back in 1934 with the idea that all representatives of the tourism industry, owners, directors and other executives meet in a friendly environment and discuss subjects that are of common and general interest.

Skål is the largest international tourism organisation, bringing together all branches of the tourism industry and all professionals in the tourism industry, be it travel agents, hoteliers, tourist attractions, restaurant owners and the like and is the leading tourism organisation in the world, and what makes this club special is their motto: “Do business with friends.”

The 81st Skål International World Congress in Rijeka begins with an official session at the Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc Rijeka, and the participants, along with numerous other activities, are introduced to the sights of Rijeka, as well as cultural programmes and attractions.