An installation of local materials in the park located near the ferry port.

Famous for its sandy beaches, Lopar is a popular tourist destination on Rab Island. Although it was not granted the status of a municipality until 2006, archaeological research indicates that the surrounding area had been inhabited and has had good transport connectivity since ancient times.

Natural resource is what inspired the notable Japanese artist Harumi Yukutake to intervene in Kapić Park near the ferry terminal. This will yield an imposing sculpture made from Rab stone and enriched with local plants that grow all over this art installation, which exceeds 100 m2 and has a tower in the middle that reaches up to 4 m in height.

The sculpture is named “Argonaut”, which is an ambiguous name, which initially refers to the animal of the same name, a small sea creature that often visits the Adriatic and Lopar. It is a cross between a shellfish and an octopus, with the art installation augmenting its body to surreal proportions. However, the name Argonaut also refers to the mythological Argonauts, the crew of the ship Argo on which the Greek hero Jason sailed on his quest for the Golden Fleece. One interpretation of the legend is that they made it to these parts, perhaps even to Lopar, which we know for a fact the ancient Greek seafarers used to visit. This means that nature, history, and myth are interwoven in this sculpture.

In collaboration with the production team of Lungomare Art, the artist created a detailed final artistic solution which was submitted to the Municipality of Lopar along with the accompanying technical documentation. Construction of the installation has been postponed due to a drop in financial revenues caused by the Covid – 19 pandemic.