Volosko lies on the east coast of Istria, next to Opatija. One of the greatest Croatian scientists, geophysicist Andrija Mohorovičić, was born here, after whom the Moho, the boundary between the Earth’s crust and the mantle, got its name.
The first structures rose around the small “Mandrać” harbour, and the thick, compact construction on the steep terrain creates picturesque spaces, curvy streets and steps between the simple houses with little terraces with cisterns and small gardens.
Summer is celebrated here by an artistic event of Mandrać, taking place at the end of August for 32 years running and brings together around 150 painters and photographers, with the chimneys of Volosko houses being a recurring motif for a number of artists.
During the year, Volosko is inhabited by around one thousand people.

Dorta Jagić

Dorta Jagić is a Croatian author, born in Sinj in 1974. She graduated in Philosophy and Religious Studies in Zagreb. Apart form poetry, she also writes and publishes short stories, travelogues, essays and dramatic texts.
So far, she published book of poetry “Plahta preko glave” (“Sheet Over The Head”) of 1999, “Tamagotchi mi je umro na rukama” (“My Tamagotchi Died In My Arms”) of 2001, “Đavo i usidjelica” (“The Devil and the Spinster”) of 2003, “Kvadratura duge” (“Square Footage of the Rainbow”) of 2007, “Kauč na trgu” (“Couch In the Square”) of 2011, “Kafkin nož” (“Kafka’s Knife”) of 2015, and books of prose “Kičma” (“The Spine”) of 2009, “S tetovažom nisi sam” (“You’re Never Alone When You’ve Got a Tattoo”) of 2011, lexicon “Mali rječnik biblijskih žena” (“A Small Dictionary of the Women of the Bible”) of 2013, travelogues “Prolazi i pukotine” (“Passages and Cracks”) of 2015 and essays “Veće od kuće” (“Bigger Than a House”) of 2018. She was included in numerous domestic and foreign poetry anthologies, her poems were translated in over twenty foreign languages and she appeared at many reputable international poetry festivals.
Apart from the domestic poetry award “Goranovo proljeće” in 1999 and last year’s “Goranov vijenac”, she also won the international award “Balkan Grand Prize for Poetry” (2007) in Romania, as well as “The European Poet of Freedom Award” in Poland (2014) for the poetry collection “Kauč na trgu”. The poetry collection “Kafkin nož” was nominated for the Janko Polić Kamov award in 2015.
Apart from a long-lasting educational and directorial work in student theatre collectives, she has been directing poetry workshops at various cultural institutions. She translates poetry from English and German. She has been collaborating for at least ten years as a contributor with the 3rd channel of the Croatian National Television. She is a freelance artist living in Zagreb.

Autorske bure Dorta Jagić 01 - by Tanja Kanazir

The programme was implemented in cooperation with the Municipality of Opatija and the “Mala krčma Skalinada” tavern.