The town of Crikvenica was founded on the estuary of the Dubračina river, at the location of the Roman station and settlement Ad turres. The founder of the town of Crikvenica is considered to be Count Nikola IV Frankopan, who commissioned the construction of the abbey which is nowadays a hotel. Throughout the 20th century, tourism marked the town. In 1906, Crikvenica was named a climatic resort, and in 1958 saw the first ferry ride from the coast to the Kvarner isles.
The Michelangelo of miniatures, Juraj Julije Klović, was born in the nearby Grižane, and the remains of the largest cave lion in Croatia were discovered in the Vrtare Male pit cave. The endearing domestic cat, Car Edgar (Edgar the Emperor), can be found in his residence, the Municipal Library <3.
The town of Crikvenica is inhabited by almost 7,000 people.

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Robert Perišić

Robert Perišić is a Croatian author, born in Split in 1969. He is the author of 7 books, the translations of his works were published in numerous European countries and the US, and he won several domestic and international awards. He is best known for his prose, and also writes poetry, plays and film scripts.
His novel “Naš čovjek na terenu” (“Our man in the field”) won the Jutarnji List award. The American edition of the novel was included in US top translation lists in 2013, along with praise from critics of acclaimed media outlets (The New Yorker, Publisher’s Weekly, National Public Radio, etc.) and writers, such as Jonathan Franzen. The novel “Područje bez signala” (“Area With No Coverage”) published in 2015 was in the final round for the “Meša Selimović” award (Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina) and the T-portal award for best Croatian novel, and the American and French edition are currently being prepared.
Published works: poetry collection “Dvorac Amerika” (“Castle America” of 1995, short story collections “Možeš pljunuti onoga tko bude pitao za nas” (“You may spit on the person who asks about us”) of 1999 and “Užas i veliki troškovi” (“Terror And High Costs”) of 2002, novel “Naš čovjek na terenu” of 2007, essay “Uvod u smiješni ples” (“Introduction To a Funny Dance”) of 2011, poetry collection “Jednom kasnije” (“Once, Later”) of 2012, play “Kultura u predgrađu” (“Culture In the Suburbs”) staged in Gavella, Zagreb, in 2000, film script for the feature film “100 minuta Slave” (“100 Minutes of Glory”) of 2004, and the novel “Područje bez signala” of 2015.

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