A retrospective exhibition dedicated to the neo-avant-garde artist Nan Hoover and her pioneer work in the field of new media art.

A dozen years after the death of Nan Hoover (NL/USA, 1931 – 2008), the neo-avant-garde artist who thanks to her pioneering contribution to the development of new media art in the second half of the 20th century has forever been inscribed in history, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art dedicates a retrospective exhibition to her under the title of The Moving Image is Alive.

At the beginning of the 1970s, Nan Hoover switched from painting to the art performance and video, a medium which at that time was something completely new, and she moved from the USA to the Netherlands. There she came into contact with the camera and so began her exploration with the new tool. Her experiments with the moving image, performance, photography and light installations connect perception of space, presence and the application of light, the creation of shadows and the beauty of pure colour. These are minimalistic works of poetic dimensions which question intimacy and existence of the artist herself and leave a deep impression on the visitors. This exhibition reveals a new cognitive experience of time, media and space.

The curator of the exhibition is Sabina Salamon (HR).