An exhibition which transforms the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art into a live collective body by exhibiting it with numerous interactions, with people and events.

Visual artist David Maljković (HR) establishes a dialogue with the collection of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. In building this relationship, in which besides the artist and the collection many invited collaborators also included, works from the collection become more than ordinary artefacts. Arranged in Maljković’s way, but within the existing architectural-infrastructural, programmatic and symbolic framework of the museum, they gain new meaning with which their new actual and social relevance is underlined. The rearrangement occurs with the departure from the established museological systems of presentation and communication of artistic work, and in a material and symbolic sense.

During the process of the open building of the relationship of the artist and the collection, the exhibition transforms the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art into a living body, stimulating a mass of interactions in the exhibition space and around it. Besides the expected interactions such as conversational, workshop and performance programmes, Maljković and his collaborators, numerous artists of different expressions and generations, are also preparing unexpected, such as pop-up bars and wonderful artistic interventions.

Participating in the exhibition are: Dora Budor (US), Niko Mihaljević (HR), Nora Turato (NL), Petra Mrša (HR), Radio Roža (Rijeka), Damir Čargonja Čarli (HR), Branko Cerovac (HR), Klas Grdić (HR), Igor Rukavina (HR), Žarko Violić (HR),Theodor de Canziani (HR), WHW Akademija (Zagreb), Werkplaats Typografie (Arnhem, NL) and students of the Academy of Applied Arts (Rijeka).

A visual identity is also created in the dialogue with the collection which students of the master programme of graphic design at Werkplaats Typografie from the Dutch city of Arnhem establish with it. With them, and with WHW Academy in Zagreb and the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka, from 22nd to 29th March, an international student workshop is being held whose starting point is the collection.

David Maljković was born in 1973 in Rijeka. He lives and works in Zagreb. His recent solo exhibitions include The Renaissance Society in Chicago, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the Kunstmuseum in St Gallen, the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead, the Kunsthalle in Basel, Van Abbenmuseum in Eindhoven, and Secession in Vienna. He has exhibited at the 11th Gwangju Biennale, 56th Venice Biennale, 29th Biennale in São Paulo, 9th and 11th Istanbul Biennale and more, and his works are part of the collections of many world museums, which include the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris, MUMOK in Vienna, Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid, MoMA in New York, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and the Tate collection in London.

The curator of the exhibition is Ivana Meštrov (HR). The assistant curator is Katerina Jovanović (HR).