The aim of the second conference of the mayors of European Capitals of Culture is the networking and strengthening of the legacy of the European Capital of Culture programme.

The European Capitals of Culture Mayor’s Conference – ECoC in May 2020 will bring together the mayors of the cities which have so far held the complimentary title of European Capital of Culture, whose family has more than 60 members today.

Upon the initiative of the City of Florence the first conference was held in 2018, and with the support of the European Commission (Directorate General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture) it is held every two years with the aim of networking, the evaluation of results and experiences, as well as strengthening the long-term effects of the title.

The host of Rijeka’s conference is mayor Vojko Obresnel who will host colleagues from numerous other European cities, the previous capitals of culture. The conference will pay special attention to the improving of the democratisation of culture, the development of the audience and the participation of as many citizens as possible in cultural events.

The emphasis is placed on the fact that the title of European Capital of Culture is a process which does not stop with the receiving of the title or at the end of the programmes, but requires continuous work and development, especially at the end of the year in which the city carries this title.