A performance by world-renowned Munich orchestras.

The Münchener Bach – Chor was founded by Karl Richter in 1954, shortly after that, the choir was internationally recognised for performing the work of Johann Sebastian Bach – live on major tours around the world, and on a number of sound carriers. The choir’s artistic leadership over the years shaped its sound – with Leonard Bernstein expanding the choir’s concert repertoire, to Hansjörg Albrecht, with whom the choir achieved a pure and transparent choral sound – which its critics often emphasise. The choir soon became known for its unusual programme concepts and collaborations with renowned ballet groups, soloists, artistic partners and orchestras. The Münchener Bach – Chor performs in major concert halls in Munich, as well as in other major music venues and international festivals.

After the founding of the Münchener Bach – Chor, Karl Richter also founded the Münchener Bach – Orchester, which, just like the Münchener Bach – Chor, soon gained international recognition. In addition to numerous concerts and major tours, the orchestra has also made a number of recordings which deal with classical masterpieces, from Bach to Beethoven, as well as numerous television and radio productions. The Münchener Bach – Orchester boasts collaborations with top singers and instrumentalists such as Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Fritz Wunderlich, Edith Mathis, Herthe Töpper, Aurèle Nicolet and Maurice André. Throughout the years, many conductors have held the baton of this great orchestra – Hanns-Martin Schneidt, Leonard Bernstein, Ralf Otto, Peter Schreier and Bruno Weil, and Hansjörg Albrecht all the way up until 2005.

The Münchener Bach – Orchester has performed in Munich’s concert halls, at international festivals, toured Italy, Japan and many other concert halls, among which Hous der Musik in Innbruck and the famous Grand Hall of Mozarterum particularly stand out.