This concert which last 100 minutes is performed by a large company, along with an expanded orchestra, two vocal soloists and a mixed choir.

Symphony no. 2 in C-minor, the Resurrection Symphony, is the first symphonic work by Gustav Mahler in which the composer used the human voice in the style of 9th Symphony by Ludwig van Beethoven.

Gustav Mahler was an Austrian composer and conductor of Czech origin, who during his life enjoyed the status of being the most famous and leading orchestral and opera conductor, and today is one of the most important composers of Late Romanticism.

This 100 minute or so long concert is performed by a large company of as many as 150 members under the direction of Philipp von Steinaecker (DE), with an expanded orchestra, soloists Kristina Kolar (HR) and Ivana Srbljan (HR) and a mixed choir.

The choir and orchestra of the Rijeka Opera are joined by the Choir and Symphony Orchestra of Croatian Radiotelevision whereby the Rijeka Opera confirms and continues its collaboration with Croatian Radiotelevision.

After the Rijeka premiere, two guest performances at the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall in Zagreb will also be held.