A walk through someone else’s memories.

The audio-guide of Vodovodna and Ružić Street explores the history and current state of the city’s former industrial zone. On one hand, the guide combines the personal memories of the residents of these streets and factual information, while on the other hand, it functions as a choreographed guided exercise of careful listening and observation, recording the most obvious spatial details.

The tour’s participants, guided by the narrator’s voice, gain an insight into the lives of strangers they don’t know, they capture their points of view, and look at things through their eyes, being included for a moment in the invisible network of relationships within the street. In this way, the street becomes a scene that enables those involved to have a kind of semi-perspective documentary-fictional reflection on the locations involved, in which views from different spatial and temporal points overlap. The interweaving of the stories thus opens up the space for revising the past, for a better understanding of the present, and the possibility of imagining a future, preferably a better, social moment.