An artistic audiovisual installation about time, about nature and historical changes, at the old pools of Školjić.

The artistic audio-visual installation The Anachronic Bath-House by the German artist Heiner Goebbels is conceived as a kind of conversation through time, thoughtfully referring to natural and historical changes.

Located at the old pools in Školjić, Goebbels’ installation brings new life to this significant, yet abandoned space, revealing its “multiple temporalities” and changes through time. The problem of change is thematically synchronised with the flagship of Times of Power that explores the exact dynamic of historical changes and the relationships of power that coordinate other social transformations.

Goebbels gives the pools a new, poetic life, depicting them as a place of communication and confrontation, of technological and invisible forces that people cannot control.

Composer and director Heiner Goebbels is one of the most important representatives of the contemporary music and theatre scene. His compositions for ensembles and major orchestras that are published by Ricordi Berlin, as well as several of his musical theatrical works and concerts, are currently being performed around the world. He has created various sound and video installations which have been shown at important European institutions such as Artangel,London, MAC, Lyon, Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt Museum and Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden. René Liebert (DE) is a video collaborator.

The Anachronic Bath-House programme is part of the Professor Georg Büchner project at the centre for media and interactivity at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen.